2023 Masonic Blood Program Reporting

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No blood donations reported by this district for the 2023 campaign year.
Displaying totals for year: 2023
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District Division Units Collected
District 11 Division VIII 131
Displaying totals for year: 2023
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Lodgesort descending District Division Units Collected Total Members % by Membership
Achilles No. 281 District 11 Division VIII 65.00 101 64.36
Army and Navy No. 306 District 14A Division X 96.00 109 88.08
Ashburn-Sterling No. 288 District 2 Division VI 1.00 144 0.69
Bedford No. 244 District 24 Division III 90.00 36 250.00
Blandford No. 3 District 29 Division IX 54.00 117 46.15
Chase City No. 119 District 28 Division IV 52.00 43 120.93
Chester No. 94 District 16 Division IX 19.00 177 10.72
Chickahominy No. 286 District 57 Division X 103.00 113 91.15
Clover Hill No. 253 District 16 Division IX 1.00 104 0.96
Craighill No. 160 District 40 Division II 4.00 50 8.00
Donovan No. 75 District 11 Division VIII 66.00 72 91.67
Fincastle No. 33 District 49 Division I 92.00 68 135.29
Great Bridge No. 257 District 36 Division XI 1.00 263 0.38
Hunter's No. 156 District 40 Division II 10.00 79 12.66
Lee No. 209 District 19 Division V 88.00 197 44.67
Marshall No. 39 District 25 Division IV 21.00 236 8.90
Mentow No. 180 District 24 Division III 80.00 37 216.20
Meridian No. 284 District 15A Division IX 83.00 50 166.00
Mt. Carmel No. 133 District 4 Division VI 53.00 148 35.81
Naomi No. 87 District 35A Division XI 60.00 156 38.46
Owens No. 164 District 35A Division XI 12.00 165 7.27
Petersburg No. 15 District 29 Division IX 34.00 111 30.63
Poquoson No. 49 District 14A Division X 25.00 181 13.81
Powhatan No. 295 District 16 Division IX 31.00 67 46.27
Seaboard No. 56 District 34 Division X 17.00 178 9.55
South Hill No. 297 District 28 Division IV 269.00 84 320.24
South Norfolk No. 339 District 36 Division XI 4.00 147 2.72
Springfield No. 217 District 1B Division VII 27.00 255 10.59
Spurmont No. 98 District 3 Division VI 191.00 122 156.56
St. Tammany No. 5 District 14A Division X 8.00 136 5.88
Staunton River No. 155 District 25 Division IV 39.00 106 36.79
Temple No. 9 District 15A Division IX 111.00 158 70.25
Unity No. 146 District 3 Division VI 120.00 111 108.12
Warwick No. 336 District 14B Division X 44.00 359 12.26

First, select a campaign year by clicking on it from the 'Choose Year' tab.

After selecting the year, please wait while the page reloads with that year's data. Once the page reloads, three drop down select boxes will appear and, below the select boxes, two additional tabs will appear.

Using the drop down select fields

The three drop down select lists are provided as a way to quickly skip to the reports for a specific division, district, or lodge. Simply select the organization you wish to view from the drop down and click on the 'Go' button. The page will then load the information you are looking for.

Using the tabs

Below the drop downs are tabs. The tabs are provided as a quick way to move between years, divisions, districts, and lodges since, once the data for the tab is loaded and available on the page, a page reload is not necessary when moving between them.

Once a year is chosen, there will always be four tabs. The first tab will show a list of all the districts that had lodges that reported for the selected year. The second tab will have all of the divisions that had districts with lodges that reported, the third tab will have all of the available campaign years, and the fourth tab is this help tab.

Where ever a division, district, or lodge is displayed, it will be an underlined, bold, link. That link can be used to load the data for that specific organization.


Whenever an organization is chosen, the data for the parents of that organization will also be loaded. For example, if you choose a specific lodge from the drop down, 7 tabs will appear. The first tab will contain the detailed reports for that lodge. The second tab will have the summarized reports for each lodge in that district, the third tab will have the summarized reports for each district in that division. The other four tabs will be the default four tabs that were described above.

So, if you are a District Blood Coordinator and interested in the report numbers for the lodges in your district, but you are also interested in a specific lodge, it will be faster to select the lodge from the drop down so it will load that lodge, the lodge's district, and division totals.

It is also important to note that when you change the campaign year, the tabs you currently have open will stay open with the data from the year you have changed to.